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Hope you enjoy my fanfics. :)
PS: I DON'T own any characters or shows and don't make any profit off of them.

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deviation in storage by tehgamesayshi
You will find my favorite yaoi's here~
All the work here I feel is amazing and just wonderful (not that other's aren't these are just some I really like)
This goes from K-M and everything in between. Some of the yaoi will be ZaDr, Junjou, Shizaya, and SoulXKid. There is a whole lot more. So roam around my page and enjoy.
Day 1-
I slammed my foot in his face. "Stop. Be Eren again." I growled trying not to let my emotions through. Trying not to cry. Damnit, I am the Lance Corporal. I will not be getting hung up over a psychopath.

Eren growled up at me and lunged at me his shackles drawing him back before he could get to me. His eyes were glowing red and steam came off his body from where I had beat him. He wasn't Eren anymore. He was a titan in a human body. A body I've memorize. A body I fell asleep next to at night. A body that I've held and kissed. A boy that I fell in love with. I fall to my knees and let my tears fall silently. "Please... Bring me back my, Eren."

Erwin was behind me. He leaned down a placed a hand on my shoulder. "Levi... You know..."

"I know... I know..."

He was gone.

Day 2-
I walked into his cell and slammed my boot in his skull. "Wake the fuck up, Eren! Don't let this goddamn monster become you! Wake up!" I kicked him continuously until he was a bleeding mess on the floor. I stared at his rugged breathing as he looked up with me with tears in his eyes and lips drew back to reveal murderous teeth. "Wake up, damnit." I wasn't expecting what came next. It lit a fire in my heart though.


I kicked him again and again until I got that godawful expression off his face. When it finally did I fell to the ground in front of him and sighed. "Goddamnit, kid."

"Levi!" Eren smiled happily as he flew forward and held me tightly. "Oh, Levi... I'm sorry..."

"Shhh... It's okay... You're okay now..." I whispered feeling like the whole world was off my shoulders.

Until the next day came.

Day 3-
I walked down a little more relaxed than normal only to fall to my knees when I saw Eren. He was screaming loudly as he held his stomach. "E-Eren...? What's wrong...?"

He looked over at me and was about to smile only to vomit up blood. My whole world stopped at the sight. My lover was puking up blood on the cold cell floor and I could do nothing. I got up and walked in. I run next to him and started rubbing his back as I kissed his cheek. "Shhh... Shhhh..."

"Why..." He groaned and puked up more stomach acid and puke. "Why didn't you kill me when you could?! Why-" More came up. "Why didn't you kill me when I went out of control?" I could have. I could have killed him the day I found out he wasn't going to get any better. I could have saved him from all this, but I didn't. Because I couldn't let go. And now he was suffering a pain I probably will never ever come close to experiencing. Tears tore away from his eyes as he kept puking up so much blood. All I could do was watch.

Erwin came rushing in and then called for a doctor.

Eren was put under.

Day 4-
I sat there next to him. Holding his hand. He had stopped vomiting last night and was put on medications. Basically his body was shutting down and we had no idea how long he had left. I nuzzled his hand as I swallowed away tears. Erwin had reassured me that Eren could hear me, but for some reason I couldn't believe that. He was laying there so peaceful while I was sitting here so torn and broken. In pain. Pain was something Eren always made sure I wasn't feeling and yet here he was letting me feel every ounce of it. If he could hear me, he would have woken up by now. "I'm sorry I relied on your powers so much... I had so much faith that you could bring us out of these walls and I..." I over used him. I over used his titan abilities and now he was becoming one. Or he was dead. Either way would end in the same result. One would just have me the murderer. "Fuck."

Day 5-
He woke up. He was in pain and crying and begging. But he had woken up. "Please, Levi! I-I can't... Please! Kill me! Please!" He was sobbing on me as his blood started to seep out of his skin. He was loud. Screaming in agony. And I was here listening to it because Eren was my responsibility. He was mine and I was putting him through this. "Please..."

"Shhh... I'm sorry... I can't." This would be my one regret.

"Damnit! I hate you!" Eren cried more screaming as he shivered grabbing my sword and placing it at his neck trying to get the courage.



Stop him.

I lunge forward and take the sword away from him. I throw it across the room not caring that he was yelling at me and calling me every name in the book. I deserved it. I was putting him through this. He slowly stopped bleeding and passed out again. He didn't have much time. I could tell by his frail body. I didn't know what to do.

Day 6-
Day six of his recovery was the most peaceful. He had woken up and sipped some water before looking up at me. He placed a shaking hand on my cheek and brought me forward. "I love you." He whispered and kissed me softly.

I held him close and kissed him back only leaning away when my hands and lips destroyed his skin. He was fragile. His skin couldn't even take the lightest of touches. "...I love you too, Eren..."

He smiled up at me and rubbed my cheek. "Don't look so hurt. I'm okay." He really wasn't. He was in so much pain. He always was. His whole life was filled with it. "Levi, take this... and figure out what's in the basement." His breathing hitched and I realized this may be the last time I may ever speak to him again. No. No. No. No. No. Don't put me through this. "Please, don't let anyone else get it... p-please... it's all I have in this world..." He slipped off the black string and placed it in my hands. It was bloody from his hands and I couldn't do this. I really couldn't.

"Eren, don't you fucking dare put me through this. What happened to our plans? We were going to see the ocean with Armin and Mikasa and Erwin a-and... and everyone else... W-We were..." My tears threatened to fall but I stopped them. I wouldn't let his last time seeing me be filled with me having a break down.

"You can do that with Armin now... Please promise me you'll take care of it, Levi..." This was his final wish.

I nodded. "I promise." I hold his hand tighter and I watched his chest rise and then fall. His hand relaxed in mine. I slipped my hand and the key out of his hand and place the key around me. I lay my arms down next to him and bawled. I've never cried over anyone before and now I was crying over all of them. All at once. Erd. Gunther. Oluo. Petra. Mike. Eren. Everyone. They all died for the same cause. And now it was up to me to finish it. Or die trying.

Day 7-
Jean was next to me and we watched them throw Eren's body into the fire. The same pit Marco was put in. The same pit most honorable solider's bodies went to. Jean was crying on my shoulder and I really couldn't tell him no. He had loved him just as much. I was just the lucky one to get Eren as my lover. "...We... We have to get into that damn wall... We have to." I put my hand around the key. "We have to." Or die trying.

Day 8-
I was in my room and had to do one final thing before the expedition. Eren's report. I had to cross off the one thing I never thought I would. I had always thought it was Eren that would be crossing this certain word off mine.

Name: Eren Yeager
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 170cm
Birthday: March 30th
Weight: 63kg
Affiliations: Mikasa Ackerman (adoptive sister), Carla Yeager (mother, deceased), Grisha Yeager (father, MIA)
Member of: Survey Corps
Training Squad: 104th
Grad Rank: 5th
Species: Titan Shifter
Status: Alive

I pause. Could I really cross it out and put another word in that last one? I close my eyes and do what I have to do.

Status: Alive Deceased

I cried for the second time in my life.

Day 36-
I looked up and saw the most beautiful angel ever. "E-Eren?"

"What was in the basement?"

I smiled and ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad... you're in my arms."

Eren smiled and lifted my chin and kissed me deeply. "I love you but you have to tell me. What was in that goddamn basement?"

"Brat." I chuckled and whispered in his ear exactly what was in it. He held me tightly and I vowed I'd never be separated from him again. 
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