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This goes from K-M and everything in between. Some of the yaoi will be ZaDr, Junjou, Shizaya, and SoulXKid. There is a whole lot more. So roam around my page and enjoy.


There was this particular person in high school that I haven’t fallen in love with. I’m talking about head over heels in love. He has a black undercut and normally wears black clothing. I tutor him in most of his subjects, but I am glad to help. He wasn’t like Eren who was always a pain to tutor because he couldn’t sit still. No, he was the type of student who just failed because he wanted to. He was smart. So very smart. He just didn’t want to deal with classes so he always would ditch them. He was a senior and I was a junior. I was in the cafeteria nibbling on my food when he came up to me and pushed Mikasa and Eren to the side easily to make enough room for his short stature. “Oi, how do you do this problem?”
Ahhh, synthetic division. It was one of my most favorite things to do. Math was my favorite subject because I understood it so well. “You were doing it right but there’s a zero here because it’s missing the third degree. So, instead of one, negative seven, one and six. It should be one, zero, negative seven, one and six.”
“Shit.” He erased his paper and started again before sighing and nodding. He talked with a slight lisp because his canines were bigger than average. “Makes sense.”
I smiled at his progress before sighing. “You really should come to math class more often, then you wouldn’t miss this.”
“I come when there is a test.” He scoffed before waving his hand at me dismissively. I was too busy staring into his gorgeous gray eyes to care.
“I know… but then you wouldn’t need a tutor for everything.”
“Do you hate torturing me?”
“Not exactly.”
“Then I don’t see the problem.”
I sighed, just wanting what would be best for him and shrugged him off, “fine. Am I coming over later?”
“If you want.”
“What?! You’re spending the day with him again?!” Eren cried dramatically from his corner of the table. I had been neglecting him ever since Levi and I started dating.
“Oh… ummm… you never made me plans with me…” I whispered looking to the side. “We can hang out tomorrow, okay?”
“Whatever, Armin!” Eren growled before turning away from me.
Levi stared at me and shrugged. “You can go hang out with the piece of shit if you want. I’m not making you come.”
This was when I felt needy. I always felt like I needed to be around Levi. I have been his tutor for two years. I have been Levi’s boyfriend for two weeks. We’ve been being casual about it. He hasn’t made any attempts to take me out on a date and neither have I. But I wanted to. I wanted to be with him and know we were more than friends. I wanted to be held. I wanted to be kissed. I wanted to be cuddled. I wanted to be cared for and I wanted to take care of him. He won’t let me though. I had asked him out. I had walked up to him with not even an ounce of courage and handed him a rose for Valentine’s Day. He accepted it. A couple days later I went to his house and saw it in his trash, pure white. He had bleached it. He had killed it. The next day I asked him what he thought of me and he said “I wasn’t bad”. That was the closest I was going to get to a compliment. Now, he was sitting here staring into my eyes as if he was looking right through me. I stared back into his and found that my hands were reaching across the table.
“What are you doing?” He asked as his gaze switched to my hands.
“…Umm… nothing… you have some dust on your shoulder.” I lied and brushed his shoulder off.
“Tch. I’m never dirty, Armin.” He rolled his eyes.
I wanted to know… I wanted to know who he was.
“Oi,” Levi said as he looked over at me. “Come with me for a sec?”
“Oh… ummm… sure.” I got up and grabbed my stuff. The bell was about to ring. I hope this was quick. I really didn’t want to be late to Government. I followed him outside and wondered where we were going. We stopped when we got to a bike.
“Get on.” He ordered and threw me a helmet.
“W-What?! What about school?!”
“Fuck, school. I can’t wait.”
I hesitantly got on after properly putting on the helmet. It must have been important if he couldn’t wait. I wrapped my arms around him and felt how warm he was. He started to speed through the parking lot.
We got to his house and he grabbed my wrist after we got off the bike. He took me upstairs and that’s when I got the bad feeling. I had never went upstairs before. What was he planning to tell me? My eyes widened and a gasp fell from my lips when he pushed me down on his bed and straddled me. “W-Wait! W-What are you doing?!” I asked trying to get out from under him, but he hand my hands pinned in no time.
“Don’t scream. I’m not going to hurt you. I just don’t want you to run away either.”
I was shaking. I couldn’t process what was happening. I just wanted him to let go of my wrists.
He sighed and kissed my forehead. “Do you love me?”
A gasp slipped past my lips as I shook more and looked away. “I-I… I… ummm… yes.”
What was going to happen when I answered? “…y-yes.” It must have been the right answer because he let go of my wrists. I pull them down to my chest and rubbed at my wrists. When I looked up I saw him looking down at me as if I was food. I shivered and tried to get out from under him again.
“Shhh… shhh… I told you I’m not going to hurt you.”
I knew that. I really did… I just didn’t like the situation. “Levi… please get off of me.”
Levi started to stroke my hair as he closed his eyes. “I really didn’t want to do this… not to you anyways… but I haven’t eaten in a day…”
“…W-What does that have to do with me?”
He opened his eyes and opened his mouth to reveal his tongue ghosting over his upper teeth. “Armin… will you allow me to feed from you?”
“I won’t kill you. I’ll only take two pints. After you eat and drink for a couple days you’ll be fine.” Levi said reassuringly and then it made sense. It made sense why Levi hardly ever ate. It made sense why he always made sure to wear long sleeve shirts and pants. It made since why Levi never came to the lunch room when it was pizza day.
“… How can I trust you?” He had been hiding this secret from me for two years. Honestly, I should have thought about it, but it seemed too crazy. This was the stuff Eren believed, not me.
Levi didn’t looked fazed by my question as he ran his hand down to my cheek. “Because, I don’t want to kill anyone. I never have. I’ve always just took a little and ran.”
I relaxed and nodded. “O-Okay…”
He smiled and took my arm.
“Aren’t you supposed to go for the neck?”
“I doubt you’ll want to be with me after this. A bite on the arm is meaningless, but… a bite on the neck is sacred.”
“I want to be with you no matter what.” I did love him unconditionally. I was in love with him. Head over heels in love with him. “I-Is this going to hurt…?”
“You’ll only feel a pinch of pain, but it will be covered by pleasure.”
“How many times have you done this…?”
“… I was born this way, so a lot. A lot of people at our school were born as vampires.”
“Wait, what?”
“It’s a vampire school, dumbass. You, Mikasa, and Eren are the only ones who are actually human.”
What? Since when? What? I was confused and he was so very close. It was messing with my brain. “… so just a pinch of pain?”
He nodded and leaned forward to my neck and whispered in my ear. “It’ll be on this vein right here.” His hand pressed against the flesh of my neck. “The more you tense up the more it’ll hurt. There will be two holes there for a couple days, but once you heal you’ll be able to go back to normal life.”
I nodded. “Wait, won’t I change?”
“It’s a slim chance. That’s just something humans came up with. The only possible way for you too change is if your blood is similar to ours.”
“Okay…” I nodded again and leaned my head to the side so he could see the side. I was shaking a little and what I felt I wasn’t expecting. I gasped and closed my eyes holding the sheets. He was touching in between my legs. “W-What are you doing?!”
“Your blood tastes the best when your heart is beating fast. Plus, I can get more blood that way.” He was palming me more before he slipped his hand under my boxers and pants.
I was definitely shaking now. I wanted to save myself from this, but Levi was the one I wanted. I closed my eyes tighter as I continued to hold the sheets. I wrapped my legs around him blushed. “… L-Levi…”
“Hmm?” He asked as he looked up at me. “What is it?”
“C-Could… Could you… ummm… touch me more?”
Levi smirked and leaned over my body and kissed me. I was addicted to him. I was melting into his arms and I never wanted him to stop. I wanted him to continue, to go all the way with me. Even if he was just using me to get a meal, I really couldn’t hold back.
The next thing I knew he was stripping me completely.
I woke up in the middle of the night still wrapped up in his arms. My neck was sore and I felt a little light headed. He did not just take two pints. It felt like he had sucked me all up. “Mmm…”
Levi stirred from beside me and sat up. “Fuck, kid, you were sweet. Sorry, I may have taken too much. You’ll live though.”
“Yeah, well, thanks for not killing me.”
Levi chuckled and turned on his side to stare at me. He rubbed my bite mark before kissing it. I whimpered as I leaned against him. “Don’t. It’s so sore.”
I sighed and rubbed his hip. “Hey… do you umm… do that to all of your meals?”
“Just the ones I really want.”
Blushing, I looked away from him and smiled. “Can you only feed from me?”
“No. I need blood every couple of hours. It’s to restock my oxygen.” Levi explained and held me closer and nuzzled my hair. “I won’t do it with anyone else if you don’t want me too.”
“I don’t… ummm… what are we?”
“Well, we’re boyfriends, I suppose.”
“…How old are you?”
“Heh, same age as you. I told you, I was born this way.”
Oh right… this was all confusing. “The vampires at our school… why haven’t they tried to… eat us yet? Us being Mikasa, Eren and me.”
“Because it’s a test from the principal. You three have been close together since the beginning. We don’t want anyone finding out that we are what we are. Plus, it’s to show we can control our blood lust.” Levi’s voice was so smooth and heavy I could drown in it.
“Will you get in trouble for this?”
“No. I was going to die if not.”
“So, I’m your saving grace?”
“You really are, sunshine.”
“Don’t vampires hate the sun?”
“No. Another human myth. The sun just weakens us a little.” Levi laughed.
“Oh, then I guess I accept that nickname.” I yawned and whined when every part of my body felt absolutely sore.
Levi noticed my soreness and dragged me closer to kiss my head and rub my back. I was out before I even noticed what exactly was happening to my body.
When I woke up, I felt… odd. I got up and walked to the bathroom where I heard a shower running. I knocked on the door before entering. “Levi? I don’t feel…” I stopped and stared at my reflection before falling to my knees and screaming.
Levi slid the curtain back and ran over to me. “What? What is… shit…”
I was starving. I looked at Levi and licked my lips before I bit down on his flesh.
Levi gasped and stared at me with tears and shock in his eyes. “…I’m sorry…”
I was a monster.
Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 1-
:DDDDDDDDDDDDD THIS PAIRING NEEDS MORE LOVE OMG I LOVE THIS PAIRING. XD Anyways, for the spirit of Halloween I'll be making a vampire Levi and Armin story! woooooooo! *has no idea what the plot or how long this will be* 
I don't own attack on titan
Chapter 19
In a few hours I knew the most common things about Levi. His favorite foods, colors, hobbies, movies, darkest secrets, worst habits, everything. Surprisingly, Levi from my dreams and Levi now weren’t all that different. His personality was just tweaked here and there. It was the same Levi and for that I was thankful for. Ten rolled by and he had started getting ready for the club he went to. Apparently, he had brought his outfit and now he was on display for my viewing pleasure. Tonight’s outfit was a short maid’s dress. He straightened out his hair even more and fixed his eye liner before turning to see me and smirked. “That blush on your cheeks is cute.”
I didn’t fucking care if my whole body was red, he was fucking hot. “Do you always dress like that?” I had to know as I leaned forward to get a closer look. He put on heels that made his legs appear longer and more slender. The black and white knee high socks helped too. The dress was long sleeved with a white ribbon in the back that kept the apron close to the puffy bottom and tight top. On his shoulders there was white ruffles and to top it off he wore a black bow around his neck. He looked adorable but sexy all at the same time.
“No, tonight I just feel like crossdressing.”
“…Isn’t that a little disrespectful to yourself?”
Levi smacked me on the cheek and rolled his eyes. “No. I told you why I do this. If you don’t agree that’s fine but don’t jump to conclusions and be a sexist fuck.”
“I wasn’t being sexist! I’m just saying a guy shouldn’t dress because it’s for…” I stopped when I realized exactly what I was saying. “It’s weird, okay?”
“Your dick says otherwise.”
“Why do you have to go anyways?”
“Because I have to. I own half of it. It would look bad if one of us isn’t there.”
“Who is us?”
“Erwin and me.”
“… So… normally you would be there with him?”
“Give the boy a prize.” Levi got out sarcastically he pulled out a bag from the closet and opened up to reveal other make up supplies, head bands, and some things I couldn’t identify or want to image who he was going to use them on. He pulled out a head band and put it on his head. It was white with a white bow on the side.
“… I don’t want you to go…”
“Eren,” Levi sighed and turned to me. He strolled over and held my cheeks. “You like drawing. It’s what you love. I’m not going to stop you from doing that, so don’t stop me from doing this. I love doing this. I love going out and dancing, having a million eyes on me. I love being in control there and bossing everyone around. It’s more than my job.” He paused when he saw my expression change to scared. “I love you. This is not going to change that. The most anyone touches me is when Hanji smacks me on the ass. I’m not going to get hurt there because we have a policy. I’m not going to get touched because everyone knows the rules, so there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll come back to you the next morning.” He leaned in to kiss me but I leaned away.
“I… I don’t know… It seems like you’re cheating on me because you have all those eyes on your… naked body.”
“You knew this from the beginning. I told you I was a stripper the first time we met and you were okay with it then.”
I looked up at him and tried to ignore the hurt. “That was before though… when I thought I could trust you.” That was all it took for him to back away.
“Y-You don’t mean that…”
“How could I after you cheated on Erwin with me?!”
“That was different!”
“Because it was him!”
“It’s scientifically tested that if a person cheats once he’s going to cheat again!”
Levi held onto his dress tightly as he shook. “No… you’re wrong. I didn’t cheat on him! I didn’t even fucking know what the hell we were!”
“I don’t know what the hell we are!” I was crying now and I couldn’t help it. Why hadn’t I just let him go do this one thing? Erwin wasn’t even going. It clicked in my mind why I was so upset over this. “… I don’t… want… to share you.” I got out between gasps and coughs. I got up and walked over to him. I dropped to my knees and held him tightly. “I don’t want to lose you… not again.”
Levi knelt down in front of me and held my cheeks. “Hey, if it really upsets you that much I won’t dance. I’ll just go and stay in my office all night. I’ll text you all night so you know.”
“You can’t text me.”
“…Right… Sorry… then I’ll send you pictures or something.”
“…Okay…” I whispered as I leaned against him. I was such a mess. Why was I letting him do this to me? I shouldn’t have given him another chance. “…Can I go with?”
“No. I wish you could… but… you’re underage. We could lose everything if you did.”
“I understand…” I whispered even though I really didn’t want to. I pressed more against him and held him close by wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him into my lap.
After a long pause Levi whispered against my hair. “Do you view me as a cheater?”
“Not exactly… I mean… I understand that things were complicated so… I guess it doesn’t really count and I know who you are so I don’t really believe you would… but still it’s a fear of mine.”
“I understand.” I felt him relax and knew he had feared that I would have said yes. I reluctantly let him go but grab onto his hand last minute. “You can dance if it really means that much to you… just… don’t let anyone touch you.”
“Deal.” Levi leaned down and kissed my head softly.
“And you can text me… I’ll just have Armin read it to me.”
“You sure?”
“Okay. I’ll see you later.”
I let go of his hand and watch him leave the room. I had to trust him again. No matter the circumstances I had to trust him. I knew Levi wasn’t a cheater. I knew he hated anything dirty and cheater was definitely a filthy word. I had to trust him, even if I really didn’t think I could bring myself to. I hope he did text me all night. I get up and walk down the stairs and try to find Armin to see if he was ready to go. Armin normally didn’t like parties, so it had surprised me when he asked me to go with him. He probably only came because Erwin was here. I put my hands in my pockets and blush. I still had my collar. I get out my phone and call Levi’s number.
“I just left. Don’t trust me already?” He got out in a chuckle. I could tell he was somewhere outside.
“No, it’s not that… umm… c-could I… would it be okay… ummm…”
“Spit it out, kid.”
“Ummm… Can I wear my collar?”
I could see his smile so well. “Do you know what a collar means?”
“No. It’s commitment. It’s me giving you the one thing that shows I love you. That I want to be with you forever. It’s me owning you and you having a reminder that I actually do love you. That our relationship isn’t just about sex. That it’s not about one being better than the other. It’s about our feelings. Fuck, that’s cheesy. Sorry, I rambled.”
He wasn’t though. It was just the thing I needed and wanted to hear. “Okay… I’m wearing it.”
“I’ll never take it from you again.”
With that honesty I nodded and realized he couldn’t see me. “Okay. I… I’ll see you later.”
“See you.”
I hang up. I put my phone away and take out the collar. I looked at the turquoise base and the hook at the front. I felt the fur on the inside and smiled. He must have spent hours designing this just for me. I unhook the clasp and slide it around my neck. I clip it shut. I felt like I was whole again. It was weird how one piece of leather would change everything. I sighed and smiled as I walked over to the living room. The person I saw was Hanji.
“Eren!” She smiled and then stopped and gasped as she put her hands on her face. “…You’re wearing it… and after all that time Levi spent crying over it.”
“He didn’t give it to you? Erwin gave it back to him after Levi came back. Erwin said he was tired of having it around his house and gave it to Levi and then… every night… Levi would play a song crying over it… He’d set it on his piano and just look at it as he sang and… cry.”
My heart dropped to my stomach. He had been hurt. Why…? He left me… unless… Did he regret leaving? He did say that he knew it was a mistake the minute he moved but... I didn’t really think he meant it. My hand goes to the collar and I nodded. “Have you seen Armin?”
“Yeah, he’s in the kitchen either riding Erwin’s dick or getting us more snacks.”
I hoped to god it was the second option. I walked to the kitchen and sighed when I saw Erwin getting some chips for Armin from a high shelf. They looked… so happy. Armin laughed at Erwin’s stupid joke and poured the chips in a bowl before punching Erwin lightly. “Stop it, Eren is watching.”
“Don’t mind me.” I waved them off as I leaned against the wall.
“See? He likes to watch.” Erwin smirked as he grabbed Armin and set him quickly on the counter and started to tickle him.
Armin kicked and punched him to no avail laughing hysterically. “S-Stop! Stop! Stop! Please!”
“I can’t hear you, beg louder.”
“Hahaha… Erwin! Stop!” Tears fell down my friend’s cheeks and I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. I didn’t picture Erwin to be the playful type, but maybe that was a trait someone like Armin brought out. “Rose! Rose!” Erwin stopped immediately looking surprised. Armin coughed as he hiccupped a couple times still crying. And then I noticed it. Armin had pissed himself. His cheeks were bright red as he shook. Erwin held him close and rubbed his back.
“Hey, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Erwin whispered repeatedly as he placed small kisses around my friend’s face while Armin stared up at him with teary eyes and nodded.
“I-It’s fine…”
I should have saved him. I should be walking out now, but somehow I couldn’t take my eyes off them. It was like seeing a whole new Erwin and… I realized for a guy I’ve hated for half a year now… he wasn’t that bad. He had a sweet and gentle side too. My hand went up to my collar and I smiled a little. This probably meant… that Levi had one too.
When I looked up I saw Erwin picking up Armin bridal style and turning to me. “It’s best you both get home before he catches a cold.” He walked Armin to the door and I followed close behind him. This was an adult party anyways. We didn’t fit in. Erwin walked outside and got to our car. He set Armin down in the driver’s seat before leaning in and kissing him quickly. I could tell they both wanted to do so much more, but couldn’t because I was here. I got in the passenger seat and buckled in. Erwin was a gentleman. He closed Armin’s door and backed away after whispering a quick, “I love you” to him.
Armin sighed and pulled out and started driving back to our apartment. He wasn’t talking to me and I could tell he was still pissed at me.
“You didn’t even try to get along with him. You accused him of things he didn’t even do.”
“From my prospective he did.”
“Yeah well it was wrong. Levi ruined him just as much as Erwin did to him.”
I sighed and rolled my eyes. “I don’t trust him.”
“Why not? Because he fucked up with one guy?”
“Armin!” I gasped at his language and looked away shaking my head. “No. Because he already gave you a collar. Don’t you think that’s suspicious?”
“He explained it. We thought we were ready. We’re a lot more mature than you and Levi are.” Armin hissed over at me and parked in our spot. “Now, stay out of my love life.”
That hurt. That actually hurt me and I couldn’t believe Armin, sweet, innocent, mushroom Armin, was the one saying these things to me. Had Erwin already corrupted him so much? “No. He’s no good for you, Armin.”
“Look, he is. He makes me happy. Isn’t that what matters? He’s not abusing me and he’s not using me for sex. He treats me with respect and doesn’t complain when I use our safe word or when I don’t feel like doing it. He’s sweet and caring. You just don’t know him. All you see him as is this antagonist because he couldn’t make Levi happy. You know what? After hearing everything Levi put him through I don’t think anyone can make Levi happy. I’m warning you now, Eren, if you fuck up our relationship Erwin is going to kill you if I don’t first.”
“Armin! I’m just trying-”
“No. Erwin is the first person I’ve ever fallen for. I’m not risking it. Eren, I would love it if you accepted us but, to me, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. We’ve already grown so distant.” He took off his collar and stuffed it in his jeans pocket before getting out of his car and walking to the apartment.
I was in shock. My little mushroom… he was serious about the biggest dick on the planet. I put my hand up to my own collar and looked down. I guess this is how things were going to be.
A Change -Ereri/Riren- -Chapter 19-
Woo! Friday update! So, our little cutie pies are on their way to a stable relationship. :D Hopefully it will last~ See you next friday!
I don't own Attack On Titan
Day 1-
I slammed my foot in his face. "Stop. Be Eren again." I growled trying not to let my emotions through. Trying not to cry. Damnit, I am the Lance Corporal. I will not be getting hung up over a psychopath.

Eren growled up at me and lunged at me his shackles drawing him back before he could get to me. His eyes were glowing red and steam came off his body from where I had beat him. He wasn't Eren anymore. He was a titan in a human body. A body I've memorize. A body I fell asleep next to at night. A body that I've held and kissed. A boy that I fell in love with. I fall to my knees and let my tears fall silently. "Please... Bring me back my, Eren."

Erwin was behind me. He leaned down a placed a hand on my shoulder. "Levi... You know..."

"I know... I know..."

He was gone.

Day 2-
I walked into his cell and slammed my boot in his skull. "Wake the fuck up, Eren! Don't let this goddamn monster become you! Wake up!" I kicked him continuously until he was a bleeding mess on the floor. I stared at his rugged breathing as he looked up with me with tears in his eyes and lips drew back to reveal murderous teeth. "Wake up, damnit." I wasn't expecting what came next. It lit a fire in my heart though.


I kicked him again and again until I got that godawful expression off his face. When it finally did I fell to the ground in front of him and sighed. "Goddamnit, kid."

"Levi!" Eren smiled happily as he flew forward and held me tightly. "Oh, Levi... I'm sorry..."

"Shhh... It's okay... You're okay now..." I whispered feeling like the whole world was off my shoulders.

Until the next day came.

Day 3-
I walked down a little more relaxed than normal only to fall to my knees when I saw Eren. He was screaming loudly as he held his stomach. "E-Eren...? What's wrong...?"

He looked over at me and was about to smile only to vomit up blood. My whole world stopped at the sight. My lover was puking up blood on the cold cell floor and I could do nothing. I got up and walked in. I run next to him and started rubbing his back as I kissed his cheek. "Shhh... Shhhh..."

"Why..." He groaned and puked up more stomach acid and puke. "Why didn't you kill me when you could?! Why-" More came up. "Why didn't you kill me when I went out of control?" I could have. I could have killed him the day I found out he wasn't going to get any better. I could have saved him from all this, but I didn't. Because I couldn't let go. And now he was suffering a pain I probably will never ever come close to experiencing. Tears tore away from his eyes as he kept puking up so much blood. All I could do was watch.

Erwin came rushing in and then called for a doctor.

Eren was put under.

Day 4-
I sat there next to him. Holding his hand. He had stopped vomiting last night and was put on medications. Basically his body was shutting down and we had no idea how long he had left. I nuzzled his hand as I swallowed away tears. Erwin had reassured me that Eren could hear me, but for some reason I couldn't believe that. He was laying there so peaceful while I was sitting here so torn and broken. In pain. Pain was something Eren always made sure I wasn't feeling and yet here he was letting me feel every ounce of it. If he could hear me, he would have woken up by now. "I'm sorry I relied on your powers so much... I had so much faith that you could bring us out of these walls and I..." I over used him. I over used his titan abilities and now he was becoming one. Or he was dead. Either way would end in the same result. One would just have me the murderer. "Fuck."

Day 5-
He woke up. He was in pain and crying and begging. But he had woken up. "Please, Levi! I-I can't... Please! Kill me! Please!" He was sobbing on me as his blood started to seep out of his skin. He was loud. Screaming in agony. And I was here listening to it because Eren was my responsibility. He was mine and I was putting him through this. "Please..."

"Shhh... I'm sorry... I can't." This would be my one regret.

"Damnit! I hate you!" Eren cried more screaming as he shivered grabbing my sword and placing it at his neck trying to get the courage.



Stop him.

I lunge forward and take the sword away from him. I throw it across the room not caring that he was yelling at me and calling me every name in the book. I deserved it. I was putting him through this. He slowly stopped bleeding and passed out again. He didn't have much time. I could tell by his frail body. I didn't know what to do.

Day 6-
Day six of his recovery was the most peaceful. He had woken up and sipped some water before looking up at me. He placed a shaking hand on my cheek and brought me forward. "I love you." He whispered and kissed me softly.

I held him close and kissed him back only leaning away when my hands and lips destroyed his skin. He was fragile. His skin couldn't even take the lightest of touches. "...I love you too, Eren..."

He smiled up at me and rubbed my cheek. "Don't look so hurt. I'm okay." He really wasn't. He was in so much pain. He always was. His whole life was filled with it. "Levi, take this... and figure out what's in the basement." His breathing hitched and I realized this may be the last time I may ever speak to him again. No. No. No. No. No. Don't put me through this. "Please, don't let anyone else get it... p-please... it's all I have in this world..." He slipped off the black string and placed it in my hands. It was bloody from his hands and I couldn't do this. I really couldn't.

"Eren, don't you fucking dare put me through this. What happened to our plans? We were going to see the ocean with Armin and Mikasa and Erwin a-and... and everyone else... W-We were..." My tears threatened to fall but I stopped them. I wouldn't let his last time seeing me be filled with me having a break down.

"You can do that with Armin now... Please promise me you'll take care of it, Levi..." This was his final wish.

I nodded. "I promise." I hold his hand tighter and I watched his chest rise and then fall. His hand relaxed in mine. I slipped my hand and the key out of his hand and place the key around me. I lay my arms down next to him and bawled. I've never cried over anyone before and now I was crying over all of them. All at once. Erd. Gunther. Oluo. Petra. Mike. Eren. Everyone. They all died for the same cause. And now it was up to me to finish it. Or die trying.

Day 7-
Jean was next to me and we watched them throw Eren's body into the fire. The same pit Marco was put in. The same pit most honorable solider's bodies went to. Jean was crying on my shoulder and I really couldn't tell him no. He had loved him just as much. I was just the lucky one to get Eren as my lover. "...We... We have to get into that damn wall... We have to." I put my hand around the key. "We have to." Or die trying.

Day 8-
I was in my room and had to do one final thing before the expedition. Eren's report. I had to cross off the one thing I never thought I would. I had always thought it was Eren that would be crossing this certain word off mine.

Name: Eren Yeager
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 170cm
Birthday: March 30th
Weight: 63kg
Affiliations: Mikasa Ackerman (adoptive sister), Carla Yeager (mother, deceased), Grisha Yeager (father, MIA)
Member of: Survey Corps
Training Squad: 104th
Grad Rank: 5th
Species: Titan Shifter
Status: Alive

I pause. Could I really cross it out and put another word in that last one? I close my eyes and do what I have to do.

Status: Alive Deceased

I cried for the second time in my life.

Day 36-
I looked up and saw the most beautiful angel ever. "E-Eren?"

"What was in the basement?"

I smiled and ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad... you're in my arms."

Eren smiled and lifted my chin and kissed me deeply. "I love you but you have to tell me. What was in that goddamn basement?"

"Brat." I chuckled and whispered in his ear exactly what was in it. He held me tightly and I vowed I'd never be separated from him again. 
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