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Clarity -Ereri- -one shot-
High dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life,
Levi looked over when he heard the loud scream. That voice…Don’t tell me... Levi’s eyes widened as he swung over to the direction he heard his lover’s cry. How could the plan have failed this much? He was supposed to trust his comrades!
Fight fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time,
Eren had to be okay. That was what Levi had to keep telling himself. The first one he found was Guther. Levi’s heart dropped. No. This couldn’t be right. He kept going. This couldn’t be right. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. Erd was the next one Levi came to and reality started hitting. He had to go faster. He had to get to Eren. He had to save him before… before whatever was happening ended him. That fucking bitch wouldn’t dare hurt him! Levi’s facial expression grew grim as he started mourning over his friend’s deaths. He was
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Mature content
One More Night -JeanXEren- -Oneshot- :iconzimxdib:ZimXDib 0 0
Safe and Sound -JeanMarco- -songfic-
I remember tears streaming down your face,
Jean had to fight because there was someone he should have fought for, but he didn’t when he had the chance. He cried because he regretted not being there in his final moments. He led because that’s what he wanted him to do. He kept a cool head because he was always scolding Jean for yelling at Yeager. He should be the one in his shoes right now. He understand that. Good people, even if he was a push over, don’t deserve to be dead. Hell, Jean even push away his mother and said hurtful things to her. He should be the one that’s been reduced to ashes, not him. He knew this is what he’d want though. That’s why he had to make this decision. “I’M JOINING THE SURVEY CORPS!”
When I said, I’d never let you go,
“No… oh god no…” Marco cried up in heaven. His… His boyfriend just declared to fight the titans. Eren’s mom was behind him rubbing his
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- Chapter 10
Chapter 10
My face instantly went pale when I read the message. I excused myself from English, and went straight for the bathroom. When I got there, I instantly vomited in one of the toilets. No, it couldn’t be true. I couldn’t… I wouldn’t… I… I couldn’t kill someone just because I wanted my life to go back to normal. Oh, god… Oh, god… no… please, no. I hadn’t even responded to him. My thoughts were racing through my head a mile a minute. What was I supposed to do? I was head over heels in love with Levi… but if I killed him… or had someone else kill him… I could go back to normal and I wouldn’t rely on humans for air. I was hyperventilating. How could this possibly be true? I heard someone walk in, but I ignored them.
“You okay?”
I recognized the voice as Erwin’s, and two seconds later he was holding me close and rubbing my back, “What’s wrong? Levi told me to come c
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 9-
Chapter 9
I smirked, watching Armin sleep and stroking his hair. Nothing went as planned, but it turned out so much better. Sure, we were both hurt, but now Armin knew what it was like to not be with me. This was so perfect. After tonight he wouldn’t even want to hang out with his friends. He was probably thinking I’d kill them if they did something like touch his hair, and I was okay with that.
Sure, I’d rather us have a normal relationship one where we could have friends and everything be fucking rainbows and sunshine, but in the end I needed Armin to be with me. I’ll be the first one to admit that this is all fucked up. What I did to Eren was crossing a line, but it got the point across. Stay the fuck away from Armin. In the end I was just protecting what was rightfully mine. I was selfish. I really truly was selfish when it came to things I have. Maybe it’s because my parents left me with fucking nothing. Or maybe it’s because I have aband
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Merry Christmas -AOT fanfic-
“Heichuu! Heichuu!” A five year old Eren ran up to me with a long sleeved green shirt on that was a couple sizes too big for him on.
I picked him up and sat at my desk to continue doing work. Eren had transformed too many times and had now reverted back to a young child. I was glad he wasn’t completely gone, but this was such a tease. He would never see me the same way again. “It’s heichou.”
“Whatever! It’s almost Christmas! I want to make my Christmas list!” He said his dazing green eyes sparkling as he jumped on my lap a little.
“Hmmm? Oh, you’re right. It’s the twenty-third.”
“Do you think Santa will get my list by then?”
“I’m sure he will.” I smiled and got out a piece of paper that had holly in the corners. “Do you think you’ve been a good boy?”
“Yes! Levi?”
“Can we put up a Christmas tree?” He pleaded, curling his
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 8-
Chapter 8
Eren’s eyes widened as he stared at Armin, “What…?”
I looked to the side and burst into tears. I allowed him to do this. I allowed him to take everything and… this is how I end up. I put my face in my hands and continued to cry not caring about the people staring at me. I normally didn’t like causing scenes… but how could I not?
“Was it Levi?”
I wasn’t going to answer that. As much as Levi deserved whatever torture Eren would put him through I couldn’t do that to him. I couldn’t, I still loved him, I still cared about his well-being, “No… it was someone else… everyone in our school is though… and… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Eren… I just…” Didn’t know what to do.
“Its fine… have you drank someone’s blood?”
“Yeah… I told that person and he was letting me feed off of him...”
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Just Rest -Tokyo Ghoul songfic-
I woke up in a panic. Where was I? What… wasn’t I… dead? Didn’t they take… I looked around and saw the red flowers and let out a high pitched scream. No, not here. Not here… not in my mind… where-
“Kaneki-kun… your friend was so delicious. You should have savored him longer.” Rize-san giggled behind me as she wrapped her arms around me. Tears started to form but I wouldn’t let them fall. I was stronger than this.
I heard a snap and cringed seeing Jason walk up to me. “One thousand… nine hundred ninty-three.” No. Stop. Not this again. I closed my eyes and forced them to go away from my mind, but when I opened them and saw who was in front of me, I wanted them back. I looked at his white hair and grey eyes that were my own.
“Oh, won’t you tell me?” He whispered looking beaten and broken. He held out a shackled wrist to me and I took his hand in my own as he leaned against me. “Plea
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 7-
“You could have told me that instead of being so secretive about it and calling me a bitch. That really hurt you know,” I said looking to the side, “Next time… can you just be honest with me? I won’t look at you any differently. You just shut me out though and… you said some mean things.”
He sighed and held me close while kissing my cheek, “I’m sorry. Okay? I… I tend to run from situations I don’t like. That’s just kind of how it is. I’ll meet your grandpa if it really means that much to you.”
“I don’t want to force you… but if you can I would love it if you did. I can make us dinner and he can tell you all his favorite stories to tell about me. He’s kind of embarrassing and he’ll probably get out the baby books.”
“Oi, Armin?”
I stopped rambling and looked up at him, “Yeah?”
“What happened to your parents?”
“Oh… They wen
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 6-
It wasn’t until fifth period gym that I saw Levi or even heard from him. Normally I didn’t keep grudges. Normally, that is. Yesterday though, pissed me off. Yes, that’s right, Armin Arlert just cussed. It wasn’t because Levi ditched me. Well, it is because of that but that’s not the only reason. My other reason was because it was snowing for the first time yesterday and I only had a jacket on. That jerk left me in the cold with nothing and he knows it too. I started running around the gym wanting to stay away from him.
“Armin… you’re running more than normal today,” Eren smiled while running next to me, “What happened?”
“Nothing… just… ughhh…” I growled out as I ran a little faster when I saw Levi in the corner of my eye trying to catch up to us. His friends hadn’t even helped me that day… except Erwin.
He told me that Levi told them not to feed me for punishment. Punishment for
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- Chapter 5
Spoiler: Lunch was a disaster.
I waited in line with Mikasa and Eren and we all got our food. We walked to our normal rectangular table and sat down. That day's lunch was chicken nuggets, mash potatoes, corn, milk and an apple. I got out my phone and sent a quick text to Levi.
Is it okay if I eat lunch? It won’t hurt me will it?
His text came two minutes later.
It’s fine. Honestly, if it smells good then you can eat it. On pizza days you may get a little irritated with the smell so I suggest skipping. Some don’t like the smell and others can stand it. I can’t. I think it smells like three people took a shit on the floor. So, if you want to find me I’ll be on the roof. I have the keys so all you gotta do is come up.
Thanks Levi, because I totally want to be thinking of that when I’m eating this delicious meal. I rolled my eyes and put my phone away before starting to dig in. This was helping my urges to bite Mikasa and Eren. As long as I didn’t
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- Chapter 4
After English I went to my sign language class, then went to the bathroom where I fed off of Hanji.  I asked her where Levi was but all she said was that I shouldn’t worry and that he’d come back soon. That didn’t ease my thoughts any.  
After my sign language class came my economy class. I really didn’t like that class because none of my friends or Levi's friends were in there. Just… humans… It was torture being around food I couldn’t eat.  It’s weird, before I hardly ever ate and now I wanted a feast. I stayed in my seat and didn’t talk. After that class Mike was the one to give me some of his blood. He was quiet and didn’t say anything. He just led me into a stall and gave me his wrist. The only reason I knew his name was because he was in the same government class as me last year.
I was excited because gym was a class Levi never skipped. He never partnered up with me or did anything with me, but our lockers
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A King and His Knight -Rivarmin- -oneshot-
“Levi, come here, please,” King Armin called. I tsked and walked up to him, glaring at him. He thought he was so perfect sitting up there on his throne like he was fucking god. In this kingdom, he might as well be. Everyone bowed down to him and gave up their lives for him like he even gave two shits about them. We were in his castle at the top of a cliff. I hoped the cliff fucking broke and he came crashing down with his tower. Why the hell did he pick me up off the streets just to make me his goddamn night? No one even came here to take over this small town. It wasn’t even on any of the maps! What the hell? I was basically his servant. I strolled down the red carpet and kneeled down in front of him. Fucking disgusting.
“Yes, my highness?”
“… Call me by my name.”
I sighed. Fuck this kid and his rules. I didn’t want to get close to him. “Yes, Armin?”
“Umm… it’s my bedtime.”
“Yes, you’r
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 3-
Chapter 3
I was in Honors Biology. There were new students and they all smelled delicious. We had taken care of my paper work before school and Levi has taken responsibility over me. If I mess this up he’s the one that will get in trouble. I licked my lips before sitting down next to Eren. He smelled the sweetest. My mouth kept watering and I had to keep gulping. Levi told me my fangs won’t be a dead giveaway to Eren because he never noticed Levi’s but I was still scared Eren would notice how my canines had mysteriously grown. I was trying to talk as little as possible.
“You’ve been quiet today, something wrong?”
I shrugged and took notes.
“Did you and that fucker have a fight?” He meant Levi.
I rolled my eyes and glare over at him. “Be nice to him.” I hope he didn’t notice the slight change in my speech. I still wasn’t used to talking with my teeth in a different place.
“What? He is. Like I heard he’s
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Sunshine -Rivarmin- -Chapter 2-
Chapter 2
I pulled away covering my mouth. There was blood on my chin as tears fell down my cheek. His neck was bleeding heavily, but he put a hand over it to hide it from my view. I was in shock. How did this happen? What was happening? My tongue ran over my teeth and tears fell down from my cheeks more. My canines… were larger and pushed out more than my other teeth. What was I going to do? What… was Eren, Mikasa… and my grandfather going to say…? Was my life ruined now? I was hyperventilating. Was everything going to change now…? Before I could do anything I felt strong Armin’s around me and a soft voice whispering in my ear.
“Calm down.”
Then my rage came. I pushed him away and glared at him. “You said it was a small chance!”
“It is. I didn’t know your blood would be similar to ours. I’m sorry, Armin… I’ll figure out a way to change you back. Just… cover that up and you’ll appear n
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Love and Loss -Chapter 3- -Part 5-
Hanji ran in Petra’s room and went over to her before jumping on her back. “Petra, my dear! Please, be my company tonight!”
Petra sprang up, and squeaked, “Jesus! Hanji! Sure, where to? God...You scared me!”
“Welllll, lets go to Levi’s house! You know how much he loves us!” Hanji snickered.
“I think he’s holding kids after for detention today.” Petra said, remembering all the yelling she heard.
“Oh…” Hanji pouted as he looked at the ground. “Then lets go on an adventure.”
“Any place in mind?”
“Not really. Let’s go up the walls again.”
“Do you want to have a picnic at the top?”
“Yeah. So, lets stop by your house first to get food.”
“Okay.” She smiled and gathered up the rest of her things before walking out of the door. She waited for Hanji to follow before closing and locking it.
Hanji skipped down the halls backwards so s
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Hope you enjoy my fanfics. :)
PS: I DON'T own any characters or shows and don't make any profit off of them.

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Broken Wings
She can see all the things
She'd rather be
Up in the tree
With broken wings
She watched it all
Fall apart
An empty heart
Shattered wall
Torn and broken
Her whole life
With one knife
She was stolen
There was a small light
Falling from the sky
From up so high
With all its might
Crashing down
Bleeding cold
Her beauty sold
Her body marred
Forever numb
She feels no more
From before
She cannot become
So now she stares
At all the things
She'd rather be
Up in the tree
With broken wings
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Liiick-Gift by Invader--ZIM Liiick-Gift :iconinvader--zim:Invader--ZIM 297 78
A Chance Revealed Ch. 02
Chapter 2:
Edd's eyes opened wildly as he was being kissed, slowly but surely he accepted the kiss and wrapped his arms around Ed.
Eddy & Jimmy we're watching from behind the tree, both smiling in approvement.
"It finally happened!" Jimmy said in amusement, smiling. His head gear finally off after so long - Jimmy looked like a true boy toy at 16.
"It took way too long for Lumpy to get that Edd was gay, he would been after him long ago!" Edd said, now facing Jimmy smiling his devilish Eddy smile. Jimmy blushed.
"If he found we..." Jimmy started, blushing redder from the older boy pushing him into the side of the tree - and kissing his neck.
"He has Ed now, so shh.." Eddy said, he gave a kiss to Jimmy - and within an instant Eddy's hand disappeared into Jimmy's pants.
Ed finally released the kiss and Edd as they both couldn't stop gazing into each other's eyes. Moments later Eddy & Jimmy walked up.
"Are you two just gonna stare at each all day?" Eddy asked smirking at his two best friend
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ZaDr_14 by RukusuCherry ZaDr_14 :iconrukusucherry:RukusuCherry 13 1 ~*YAOI*~ by Fudzia ~*YAOI*~ :iconfudzia:Fudzia 1,441 265
You will find my favorite yaoi's here~
All the work here I feel is amazing and just wonderful (not that other's aren't these are just some I really like)
This goes from K-M and everything in between. Some of the yaoi will be ZaDr, Junjou, Shizaya, and SoulXKid. There is a whole lot more. So roam around my page and enjoy.
I'm in the mood to roleplay a new roleplay but no one to roleplay with... Maybe someone wants to? ;_;


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