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A Not-So-Good Angel


Chapter 1
I watch Zim run around his base on Earth searching for something. I sighed in the corner I was in. I was his guardian angel there for I had to protect him. Sadly though, Zim couldn't see me. I stand up and walked through him to go the couch and watch tv.

Zim jumped and rubbed his arms. "GIR! Why did you turn on the ac?!"

I sighed again when the little robot came running down screaming he didn't. Lets have a little fun. I get up and put Zim's hand in mine then kiss his neck.

Zim turned around to see nothing. His eyes widened as he smiled a weak smile. "D-Dib?"

I smirked so he knew it was me. I go over to a piece of paper and panicle that was on a table then start writing on it.

How did you know?

Zim read it then smiled. "Because who else would come and haunt me? Why are you here, anyways?"

I sighed wishing I could just talk to him but of course it would go unheard so I write.

I cannot tell you the reason.

I looked above his head and frowned. Five minutes left. I have been dreading this for a year now. It has been one year since I was trapped in Zim's mind and ever since then I've been looking at the countdown above his head.

"Why not? Is it like against rules or something?" Zim asked.

I sighed for the millionth time not feeling like writing this down and took over Zim's body. "Yes. If I were to tell you then I would be separated from you." It felt weird hearing it in Zim's voice but I really didn't want to write. It took a lot of energy just to do that task. Energy I didn't have. I got out of him whining. I was very weak now and I need to go get more energy soon. I've secretly been here for an hour.

Zim rubbed his arms as he curled in a ball. "Don't do that…"

I couldn't respond so I kiss his cheek in a reply.

Zim looked over at me getting scared. "A-Are you ok?"

I ate off his energy and smirked as I traced a yes on his arm with a finger.

Zim sighed and looked around. "Something is going to happen to me."

I stayed where I was next unable to answer him. If he could see me he would see the worry in my eyes. The sadness. I can't protect him from what was about to come. His time limit was up. I knew how painful of a death it was. I knew what was going to happen. I've dreamt it for the past year. I've felt it. Tears fell down my cheeks as I look up at his countdown. 0:0:3:24...23...22...21...and so on. I looked at the door. Three…two…one.

The tallest came barging in and glared at Zim. "You! You! How dare you disobey us!"

Zim looked in my direction fear going through his eyes.

"I'm sorry." I whispered knowing it would be unheard. Shackles around my wrists and ankles held me back. They connected to Zim but Zim couldn't see them or feel them. I was a fallen angel.

Zim jumped up realizing I wasn't going to save him. "Disobey you?"

"You loved a disgusting human! You killed those smeets back when you were one! You're a disgrace! Pathetic! A defect!" Red shouted his wires from his PAK attach to Zim and raise him up.

I closed my eyes crying. I could here whips being slapped against him. I tense with each one biting my lip. I looked up at him.

Zim laid there being straggled by a wire around his neck whips scaring his skin. His eyes were closed. Tears fell from them and onto the tiled ground. 0:0:2:34

Hurry up time! Let his suffering be over! I hid my face trying to ignore his cries, his tears, his whimpers. The tallest will leave him soon. The next time I look up, it was all over Zim laid there panting looking to the side. 0:0:1:45

Zim got up and crawled to the kitchen.

I follow knowing he was going to kill himself. The Tallest, the people he looked up to, called him names, banished him, and most of all left him in his own agony. Don't believe them, Zim! You can do this! You can take over Earth and prove them wrong! You can-! He slit his throat.

Zim was crying laying against the cabinets blood trickling down his neck. His shirt soaked it up.

I started crying as I listen to his breathing become slower, deeper as if he were sleeping. I look up again. To see him smiling but still crying. 0:0:0:30. No! No! I can still save him! Move body! I couldn't. I knew he would die. Why now? Why can't he live forever? Why couldn't I live forever?

Zim held out his hand weakly then waved it around until it stopped in the middle of me. He smiled more and walked over to me wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

I wanted to move. I wanted to push him off. I wanted to be so outraged. He broke his promise! I couldn't though. Not right now. I wrapped my arms around him and look at the damn countdown. 0:0:0:10...


The seconds seemed to be going so slowly. I could feel Zim getting limper. He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. "Can you see me?"

Zim nodded wiping my tears away. "…don't…cry…" His voice was scratchy and just barely a whisper.


I closed my eyes when flinched as he went limp and his body fell through me. I got up and staggered back. I hit the corner and started to bawl my eyes out.

"Don't be sad, Dib." A voice whispered as he hugged me.

"Y-your dead though." I whimpered not able to look up at him.

"So are you." He said. "What happens now?"

I get up wiping my tears and ruffling my black wings a little. I fix my hair and looked at him. I flinched at the sight. In front of me was Zim. His skin pale and scarred from what just happened. His clothes were obscured. His antennas lowered. "Turn around.

Zim did as he was told and I take off his shirt. I feel for his shoulder blades and when I do I stabbed them with each of my hands.

The alien cried out in pain as his wings grew from him. They were beautiful. Pure white  with long feathers but do not be mistaken. He was in deed stuck here.

So was I, because of a deal I made with the devil, himself. I just had to do one thing once a month. I looked to the side then at Zim with a smile.
Its finally fucking here! The sequel to POS! Yes, so since no one really told me what to do I got a idea! An idea so ingenues your tiny little Earth minds can't handle it. So, enjoy and if you have not read Protector Of Slave this story will not make sense to you. I'm sorry but that's just it. You bros are going to be shocked at the end! Because I got even more insanity coming along and you will be like: O.O ...WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!
So yes, enjoy for now~
PS. I don't own characters or the show. I don't take any credit except for this idea I'm putting the characters through. ^^
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