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Chapter 2

I looked down at the ground sadly. Zim deserved to be in heaven right now... "Zim, go take a nap. You need your energy or you'll disappear."
Zim nodded and went downstairs to his room.

As soon as he was out of my sight, I fall to my knees and cry. "I should have seen this coming... Zim deserves to be in Heaven...and here I am keeping him here..." I get up and wipe away my tears. "How would I have known? This isn't my fault...he doesn't even know..." I go down to his bedroom and take out a halo. I place it around his antenna and sighed when it hovered around it. I rub the antenna then get in bed next to him.

"Hmmm...?" Zim asked blinking his eyes open and then snuggling up to me. "What's wrong, Dib?"

"Nothing just go back to sleep." I whispered kissing his forehead then holding him close. He went through me a little as he faded from tangible to intangible. I sighed and curl around him. "I wish you hadn't killed yourself..."

"Why? Then I wouldn't be with you." Zim whispered snuggling me more.

"I know but still...I could have...we could have...waited." I whispered running my hands around his antenna.

"Dib, if we would have waited any longer we might not have loved each other." Zim answered looking up at me all too seriously then back down at the sheets. "You still do love me, right?"

"Our love would never die...I knew you would die soon...I've dreamed about it every night when I would snuggle up to you...but actually seeing you go through it...I never wanted to." I whimpered holding him close. "I will always love you, Zim."

Zim smiled and leaned in to kiss me.

My eyes widened as I turned the other way. My heart broke as I glared at my black wings that wrapped over me.

"Dib...why...why would you reject me...?" Zim asked clearly hurt.

I turned back to him to show him my crying face. "Look at our wings, Zim."

He looked at his then looked at mine. "So what? Mine our white and yours is black."

"So it makes all the difference in the world! We can never kiss! If we did...your wings will turn black and you will belong to Hell. You're supposed to be in Heaven right now but I fucked up..." I whimpered crying in my arms.

Zim took away my arms and kissed me quickly before I could protest. He held me closer bringing my hips to his. He pressed harder in the kiss as he wrapped his legs around mine.

My eyes widened but then I hold him closer and roll so I was on top of him. I moaned as I continue to kiss him roughly feeling his black feathers. "Zim..." I whispered leaning back using my elbows to support me.

"Yes, Dib?" Zim asked looking up at me through slitted eyes.

"You have no idea, what you just did." I whined. "I..." I looked to the side then back at him. "Lets just say I've been to hell. Its not a pretty place."

"I would do anything for you Dib. I have waited years to get you back. I'm not letting something as trivial as that stop me now." Zim argued rubbing my cheek. "I love you, Dib, so much."

"I love you too." I whispered then kissed him again rubbing his curvy sides.

Zim moaned as he turned transparent and fell through the mattress.

I land on it in a yelp as I rubbed my face. "Zim?" I asked then sighed as I flew through the mattress and floors till I found him in his lab rubbing his head. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine if I could figure out how to be solid." The Irken answered getting to his feet.

I laughed and grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to me. "All you have to do is think about solid things. After awhile you won't need to and it will come natural to you but for now think of like...wooden blocks."

Zim nodded and smiled as he hugged me. "I did it! I did it!"

I laughed and pick him up flying back to the bedroom. "Don't worry I'll teach you to do all kinds of stuff."

"Like what?" He asked looking up at me.

"Well, for one thing, how to fly. Then how to scare little children." I laughed remembering times I had to scare Zim when I was running low on energy.

"That was you always slamming doors and making things fall on me?!" Zim asked staring up at me. "I thought I was going insane!"

I nodded as I set him on the bed. "Yep. Though I only did it when I absolutely needed to. Like, when I was almost disappearing."

"What happens if you disappear?" Zim asked nuzzling my chest as I laid beside him.

I hold him close and sighed. "I don't know. We'll figure out something though. I won't let you disappear. I promise."

"What if you disappear though?" The Irken whimpered hiding his face under my chin.

"I won't. Though I may have to do something every now and then so if I'm not here I'm more than likely in hell." I answered trying to not reveal my identity.

"Why would you need to go to hell? Can't I come with you?" Zim asked staring at me with his crimson orbs.

I sighed and hugged him. "I wish you could, love, but you can't. I have to do this alone. All I can really say is I have a job I have to do to keep us both here, ok?"

Zim nodded then hugged me almost falling asleep in my arms. "Dib...?" I looked down at him to show I was listening. "I love you." Zim answered then fell asleep wrapped up in my arms and wings.

"I love you too." I whispered and nuzzled him worrying about how much longer I could keep this up. I need energy. I was using far too much of it. I sighed and looked down at the sleeping alien and smiled as I too fell victim to my dreams.
I got this done too~ UPDATE PARTY! Woo! Anyways, yeah its up. I kind of feel bad for Dib, like always. I mean he has to be keep who he really is a secret. Oh! And mawhaha! I'm gonna do the best thing ever with this! Like I got all this stuff running in my head on how its gonna play out cause...honestly, I don't know if I can do much with them when fucking Zim is acting like an uke! I did NOT mean for him to be this way its just Dib is acting like a badass all of a sudden and not a damn uke! I like Dib on top now and when I originally started this story I liked Zim on top so now I don't know what to do! I'm gonna stop ranting and let you read...Enjoy~
PS. I don't own characters or show
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